After read at engadget that there’s an update of twitter apps for android, I straightly go to the market at my phone to see if there’s an update. And yes there is. Click the update button, and there I have update my twitter apps. Actually I’ve read about the update at gizmodo. After watch the beta hands on, I’m very excited to get it.

It’s a big change in UI for the twitter 2.0. The mention, and direct messages tab are become one on top. It makes very easy to switch from tweet to mention or to direct messages. Not like the previous version that needs more steps to access it.

Notification for new tweet/mention/direct messages shown as little blue dot at the tab. It’s very little but enough to tell that there is an update. Updating style still the same (i.e. pull to refresh) which is the most fun style of updating timeline.

The arrow seen when updating reminds me to twitter for iPhone/iPad. So,I think twitter want to make the same experience to all their apps even in different platform.

twitter new UI timelinetwitter new UI timeline

After updating, it will stay in your last read tweet position and pressing the tweet tab will bring to the top of timeline. So we don’t have to search the last read tweet in the timeline like the previous one.

When doing ‘pull down to refresh’, it’s not only update the active tab but also update mention and your direct message. It’s better so we don’t have to doing ‘pull to refresh’ separately like the previous version. Yes, I  don’t set the automatic update because it’s draining my battery.

The other improvement of this new version is the reply way. Now, we can do reply to all and also seeing replied tweet in conversation style. And also an autocompletion when writing username. That’s what I’m waiting for :D

twitter new UI timelineTwitter new UI in replyTwitter new UI in conversationTwitter new UI autocomplete

In the previous version, when attach a picture to tweet, we don’t know the upload progress. The only thing we know, when it finish it shows the link to the picture. Now, it shows the progress of uploading the picture. It’s not a very big deal but it gives more information for geek like me :D

Twitter new UI in uploading picture

Well, that’s my review of the new official twitter apps for android. Happy tweeting :)

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  • At 2011.03.20 21:38, astonix said:

    Unfortunately, it is for android 2.1 and above *sigh*
    I just stuck in this old-style-android, so i can’t try it out :(

    • At 2011.03.23 01:15, Yuda said:

      saatnya me-lembiru :p

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