Ok, I have to admit that apple has very creative inovation. I’m kinda amazed when I read my feed reader and read about of the latest one which is the magic mouse. Actually it doesn’t have any new technology adoption but the concept is unique, combining mouse and mac touchpad. So we can do any multitouch gesture on the mouse. Need to scroll ?? doesn’t need any scroll wheel again, just simulate what you do with scroll wheel but without scrool wheel. Kind of funny but it’s real :) Not also scrolling but you can use the multitouch gesture on mac touchpad on the magic mouse. More explanation and video can be seen in here.

The other updates from apple today is the new unibody macbook, not alumunium unibody macbook pro but just macbook (the lowest at it’s class) using the unibody concept and not using alumunium but only polycarbonate. The unibody macbook now offer 7 hours battery life, and the battery is not “user replaceable” like the old ones. ifixit has bought it and tear it down part per part of this new unibody macbook (OMG, how fast they have it T_T ).

engadget also release a video showing the new Unibody Macbook, Magic Mouse, and iMac.

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