Found another funny cat video, and for my record I write it here :D

Wonder what happen to this cat :lol:

This is what happen if you give a tape on your cat

which cat is the strongest ??

This one have a good music composition

& Komentar

  • At 2008.11.30 18:12, stwn said:

    buat klub pecinta kucing yuk :D

    • At 2008.12.05 14:03, fikri said:

      salam kenal…

      hihihi… jadi pengen punya kucing

      btw, boleh tukeran link ga?
      thak you…

      • At 2009.06.04 02:50, vevey said:

        wow..keren2 juga niii kebetulan aku juga pecinta kucing, jadi seneng juga ni liat video2nya… :D

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