Just come back to daily routine after last 4 days from IGOS Summit. I arrive yesterday afternoon from Jakarta using Taksaka. It’s a great summit where many people there searching information about open source and some company also searching support for their migration.

In that summit I met many famous people such as M. Nuh (Minister of Communication and Information), Kusmayanto Kadiman (Minister of Research and Technology), Rusmanto, Onno W. Purbo and also famous blogger such as Yan Arief, Rendy Maulana, Vavai, Harry Sufehmi, and Andi Darmawan (belutz).

I was standby on my office cubicle :p but I also attend the seminar. Knowing that many high school student also interested in open source also make me get more spirit :grin: . I try to write my journey on the IGOS summit in this short time. Hope that there’s another open source event like this again this year (at least ILC 2008).

This is my photo at the IGOS Summit taken by yan arief

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    siap meluncur tuk melihat foto :D

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