Last Friday I’ve just upgrade my wordpress from version 2.0.4 (old wordpress version isn’t it ?) to 2.2. I hope with this upgrade could fix some of my wordpress problems. In my previous version (2.0.4), my feed cannot be parse correctly. Every time I open my feed using browser (I use Firefox) it always contain error. Not only that feed problem, permalinks that I used cannot be costumize. I’ve set the permission of .htaccess to 666 even 777 but it’s not solve the problem. In almost desperate I decided to upgrade to 2.2.

But after I upgrade to version 2.2 that such problem still exist even getting worse, the visual editor not shown any tollbar and after I move to code tab it’s not change. Oh no, not again.

Okay, worst case scenario : ask uncle google. I ask uncle google which the keyword I took from the error message of my feed. After looking a while, I found a thread in wordpress forum that has a feed problem just like me. In that thread, the problem is because of the Amazon Media Management template, but I don’t have any costumisation. In the same thread, someone suggest to check the plugin by deactivating one by one and see which plugin cause the error. I try that, and the first plugin that I deactivate is Admin Drop Down Menu plugin from Ozh. Guess what, all my prroblem solved. My feed can parse corectly, the visual editor can showed up, and I can costumize the permalinks. So this plugin cause the problems.

Actually it is a good plugin, it’s safe a lot of click, time, and bandwidth. It makes a drop down menu for the administration panel. I think it should be implemented in the next version of wordpress just like widget. But, for now, please test again this plugin in wordpress 2.2. Is it cause any problems ??

Comments are welcome in any language :-D

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  • At 2007.06.05 12:24, Astonix said:

    Aha….finally u got the key huh..?keep the good work dude ;)

    • At 2007.06.06 07:43, fathirhamdi said:

      tumben nih.. post pakai english… :D
      sedang uji kemampuan bahasa kah? atau coba ngikutin tren? :)

      • At 2007.06.06 07:54, Yuda said:

        @Fathir :
        Bukan tapi biar addsensenya bisa diapprove

        • At 2007.06.06 15:33, Galih said:

          Woi Yang sakit di RSI Jakarta Sapa? Kontrakan ku Dekat Tuh.
          Gimana Kabarnya?

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